Oisen present 'and and and' exhibition

Press Release

OISEN "and...and...and"

October 20th - October 26th 2007

Opening Friday 19th October 19:00 - 21:00

Sylvester Works

 Sylvester Street, Cultural Industries Quarter
Admission free


Amanda Lane,  Robert Lye, Simon Feydieu, Sarah Hughes, Neil Webb and Darren Flint.

"and...and...and" is an exhibition that takes Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's texts on social structures as a starting point to consider art, history and the social construction of places, spaces and identities from both a local and global perspective.
OISEN has invited a group of artists to develop a discourse between artist and viewer through the shifting identity of a city, and how one places themselves within it.
The exhibition uses the concepts from Deleuze and Guattari to inspire and inform the artworks, displayed in an exhibition space on the edge of Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter, a dilapidated 'island' in the heart of the city that reflects both the city's industrial past and regenerative aspirations.

Deleuze and Guattari argue that our social system is a schizophrenic system. Because it is interested only in the individual and their profit it must subvert or deterritorialize all territorial groupings and social arrangement, but at the same time, since humanity lives as a super-organism, it requires social distinctions in order to function. It must allow for reterritorializations, new social groupings, new forms and states. The life of any culture is always both collapsing and being restructured. The exhibition aspires to encourage the viewer to recognise their place and displacement within one of the largest forms of social organisation; to consider the city as a demonstration of human endeavour that has no discernable beginning or end, a huge body in a constant state of flux.

The artists will either exhibit a new work especially conceived for the exhibition or an existing work that fits with the questions raised by the their place and displacement within social constructs. The artworks encompass sculpture, installation, sound, film, photography and text based media.

Associated events: Chris Watson: lecture and performance, Mike Harding: 25 Years of TOUCH  August 1st 2007, Heeley Institute.

"and...and...and" is jointly curated by Sarah Hughes and Robert Lye.

Oisen are supported by the Arts Council England.