Full Rabbit Exhibition London

Neil Will be showing his audio visual collaboration with Ron Wright. 'Rift' in the exhibition 'Full Rabbit' at Shoreditch Town Hall. London.

Visit the Audio Architecture site here for further details.


Patricide 4 - The Sounds of Surrealism

Neil has contributed a new a new track in collaboration with Lesley Guy titled 'Sleep Driver' for the latest edition of Patricide.
This edition, The Sound of Surrealism' is available at Dark Windows Press and is limited to 200 numbered copies.
You can also follow Patricide on Dark Windows facebook page on this link.
Listen to 'Sleep Driver' here.

Ghost Block Exhibition at Stone Experimental Art Space, Hastings.


Neil will be showing a new work, 'Ghost Block' at the Stone Squid Experimental Art Space in Hastings.
The show runs from 19th - 21st of August.
Preview is Friday 6-8pm.
Other times 2-5pm or call 07594701425

The show is part of the Short Waves series of 3 and is running in conjunction with the Coastal Currents Art Festival 2011.

For more information:
Stone Squid

76 High Street
Old Town
East Sussex
TN34 3EL


Other artists in the Series are:

Kate Street
Michaela Nettell

Half Rabbit: Local Whispers 2 Exhibition, Beijing

Neil will be exhibiting his audio visual collaboration with Ron Wright, 'Rift' at the Platform China Gallery in Beijing.
The show runs from 5th June to 3rd of July 2011.
For further information:
Platform China
Audio Architecture


Wired Above, Exhibition and Performance

Neil will be exhibiting a new surround audio installation, 'Wired Above', made in collaboration with David Morin.
David and Neil will also be performing live at the private view at
Jeune Creation, Paris.


"Wired Above"
David Morin et Neil Webb
Vernissage le jeudi 21 avril � 18h avec performance sonore
Exposition du 22 avril au 7 mai 2011
Du mardi au samedi de 11h-18h 


L'exposition � Wired Above � est une installation sonore multi diffusion produite par les artistes David Morin et Neil Webb. 
La pi�ce se compose de sons accidentels ou cach�s de notre environnement. 
David Morin et Neil Webb sont � la recherche de nouveaux paysages sonores, et pr�tent l'oreille aux sons qui refl�tent l'activit� naturelle ou artificielle. 
Le son des c�bles � haute tension se m�le avec les courants marins et all�es venues de chauves-souris.



24, rue Berthe – 75018 PARIS

01 42 54 76 36



Listen Up, Sound Art Exhibition and Performance


Neil will be exhibiting with Ron Wright and Playing live with David Morin and Ron Wright at CADS in Sheffield.

Live Prefomance at Brighton Royal Pavilion


Neil will be playing live at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton on 30th October as part of the White Night Festival.

Restless Times, Art in Britain 1914-1945 Exhibition

restless times

Neil has been commissioned to work with Sheffield's Youth Forum to produce six sound pieces for the exhibition Restless Times, Art in Britain 1914-1945 at The Millennium Galleries Sheffield.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 – Sunday, January 30, 2011
Restless Times: Art in Britain 1914–1945
Millennium Gallery
6 October 2010–30 January 2011
The first half of the 20th Century witnessed some of the most destructive and yet creative decades in Europe’s history. These were momentous, brutal, but inspiring times for artists as an entire generation responded to the electric pace of change.

As Britain became home to displaced people from across Europe, an influx of new ideas invigorated and influenced their British contemporaries.
Restless Times presents the fruit of these remarkable exchanges and tells the story of what would become a turning point in the history of Modern British Art. From the devastating impact of war and a retreat from the harsh realities of life, to the celebration of the rural and the embracing of new ideas and technologies, Restless Times will show both the uncertainties and possibilities of the time. Featured artists include Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious, Percy Wyndham Lewis, Christopher Nevinson, Henry Moore, Edward Bawden, and Vanessa Bell.

Get an insight into the exhibition on the Museums Sheffield
YouTube channel.

Restless Times is created by Museums Sheffield and brings together a host of artworks from the collections of Museums Sheffield and our partners in The Great British Art Debate; Tate, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

The first half of the 20th Century witnessed some of the most destructive and yet creative decades in Europe’s history. These were momentous, brutal, but inspiring times for artists as an entire generation responded to the electric pace of change.

The Contingency of Curation Conference at Tate Britain


Neil has been invited with Ron Wright to contribute to the Contingency of Curation project at Tate Britian. They will be presenting a new live surround sound work called 'A Colony Provides a Safe Haven'.


Conference at Tate Britain – Clore Auditorium
Friday 21 May 2010
10.00- 18.00

Or visit the Tate Britain Website

Contributors Include:

Andrea Phillips, Roman Vasseur
Susan Hiller
JJ Charlesworth
Sound Threshold (Daniela Cascella and Lucia Farinati)
Simon Hollington and Kypros Kyrianou
Ron Wright
Neil Webb

Despite the diversity of processes that make up the curatorial, its explicit presence in artistic culture, and its power to organise the reception and distribution of art, curation nevertheless seems to struggle to transform the conditions within which it operates.
This conference invites responses from a range of disciplines to address the contingency of curation and its consequences for culture and society.

The Contingency of Curation, curated by MA curatorial students from Chelsea College of Art and Design, The University of Essex and Sheffield Hallam University, takes up three primary figures of the curator as the framework for the days’ discussion. These include: ‘the autonomous curator and the institution’; ‘collaboration and authorship’ and, the curator as ‘the agent of social change’.
Speaking in a range of presentation formats, the conference moves across the terrains of art production, urban planning, art criticism, and arts’ reception, addressing the notion of the curator and the curatorial in its now, most pluralised form.
We seek responses and reactions as to how an understanding of these contingencies of curation demand, but may also create new modes of production for curatorial practice.

Otherliness 9.5 Exhibition and Live Performance


The Host Artists Group exhibition Otherliness will be shown at Bloc Space in Sheffield.

Neil will also be joining Ron Wright and David Morin for a special live performance.
The live event will be at Bloc Space 72 Eyre Lane Sheffield 27th May 7pm onwards.
Other performers include Deliberate, Lombutroup and Christopher Hall.

Sonic Art Oxford


Neil has been selected for the Sonic Art Oxford Jukebox.

Sonic Art Oxford runs from the 25th - 27th February.
More info at:

You can see a version of the jukebox online at:

The following pieces are included:

Antti Saario Thousand Unfold
Baradar aria soundwalk
Bret Battey Two Birds Three Figs Bowl Cherries
Caroline Devine Docile Choir.
Dale Perkins Excursions2.
Daniel Petric Counterpoint Collider.
Decoder hunt for the killer.
Eric Lyon SuperSaturated.
Felicity Ford taste sensation.
Frank Niehusmann 2006 05 26.
Gareth Jones Arboreality Triptych
Gintas Kraptavicius Grinny Memories.
Herve Perez daqi.
Hodmeister The Piece Unnamed At The Moment.
Izzi Simone Guido Constant.
john mist.
Kevin Jenkins Tribecycle.
Krisztian Hofstadter abstract.
Luke Rickett Chime cuts.
Mike Blow Dammtor(waiting).
Mondual The longest night.
Neil Webb FarBeneathInTheAbysmalSea.
Nichola Scrutton AriaForVoiceAndPlastic.  .
Ophir Ilzetzki tongue.  .
P Kokoras Slida.
Paul Burnell Cherubs.
Pete Cudmore TheOpenDoorchestra.
Robert Ratcliffe Phoenix6
Ron Wright Bolthole.
Steven Brown BrightonBeachSounds.
Valerio Orlandini Elettrosanto.
William Turner London in a Minute.
Dan Wilson Reflections on the Interfluxion Mechanism

Falafel with Taziki


Neil has provided the sound design for a new short film, 'Falafel with Taziki' by prolific film and video artists Christopher Hall and Alexander Kelly.

'Falafel with Tatziki' is to become part of the Falafel Road residency of Oreet and Larissa.

The video will be shown at Cafe Lati Ri at Iniva, Rivington Street, London and also shown as part of the Open Studio and Falafel Road event Thursdays@Artsadmin, in the Arts Bar & Cafe at Toynbee Studios, London, E1 on the 25th of February.

Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour

Artist of the Month - Neil Webb

Neil has been selected as artist of the month by Axisweb.
To Read the full article please click

Kitchen Sink Exhibition

Neil has a new sound installation, 'The Innocents' showing at the Kitchen Sink exhibition in Rye.

The starting reference for this work was Jack Clayton's 1961 film 'The Innocents'. The film was adapted for screen by Clayton and Truman Copote from Henry James' novel, The Turn Of The Screw.
The story is set in a crumbling paradise, a sour Eden in which the title suggests everyone is an 'innocent'.

The films plays out an ambiguous story of apparitions and repression. It was deliberately ambiguous and the viewer is left to consider whether the story is imagined, is it a reprise or flashback?
This piece consists of seven audio tracks that contain interior and exterior atmospheres. These environments remain unoccupied by people but have the suggestion of human presence through sounds such as a music box, banging doors and creaking stairs.  They play on Gothic conventions such as howling wind and the creaking elements of a haunted house.
In common with the ambiguous narrative of the film the audio plays in random sequence with no linear structure leaving the listener to occupy these atmospheres and environments and decipher them for themselves.


kitchen back

Kitchen Sink
21st Century Contemporary Art
12, 13, 19, 20 September 2009

Using film,sound, painting, intervention and the written word Kitchen Sink is an ambitious exhibition, which brings together 20 artists, writers and crafts practitioners through the act of responding to the disused space of the old Freda Gardham School kitchens.
Situated on the edge of the brooding Romney Marshes, the recently decommissioned Freda Gardham School is now home to The School Creative Centre.  In the grounds, the shell of the old school canteen kitchen remained. Danny Pockets and Nikki Tompsett decided to grab this unique opportunity to curate a show that positively throbs and hums with the weight of catharsis, transition, renewal and decay.
Kitchen Sink is sensational, exploring the boundaries and possibilities of creating art within this highly charged environment. A tightly co-ordinated clash of painting, drawing, photography, sound art, interactive loom, film, text and sculpture drawing artists from Sheffield, London, Hastings, Bexhill and Rye.  Challenging preconceptions of art and the local gallery system whilst providing a delightful opportunity to experience this unusual space.  
Artists:  Nick Archer, Judith Rowe, Jim Rosevere,Neil Webb, Tracey Moberly, Cedric Christie, Nikki Tompsett, A Lincoln Taber, Tim Riley, Georgia Elizey, Jaime Rory Lucy, Simon Young, Steve Smith, Christine Harmar-Brown, Jason Synott, Danny Pockets, Ben Fenton, Oliver Crowther, Suzuki Howitzer, Nigel Green.
Private View: 6.30pm – 9pm 9 September 2009

Open: 12, 13, 19, 20 September 2009 11am to 4pm

Free Admission

Kitchen Sink
The Old Kitchens
The School Creative Centre
New Road, Rye
TN31 7LS
01797 229 797
mail to:

The School Creative Centre, Rye
The de-commissioned Freda Gardham school in Rye is now home to a dynamic Creative Centre in Rother, bringing together professional artists from across the spectrum to develop, design and make new work on a rotational, residential basis with a core of permanently housed companies and individuals. Visiting and resident artists offer a range of workshops, master-classes, talks and demonstrations.

Freda Gardham School was de-commissioned in 2008 when a new school was build next to Rye College. Working closely with local Councillors in Rye, Rother and East Sussex and with Rye College, B&R Productions developed plans to continue the life of the building by generating a centre of creative excellence, providing a unique resource for the people of Rye.

The Definition of Beauty - Where Art Meets Music Video

Enter The Underworld by Neil Webb will be screening at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield at 4pm July 25th as part of the Definition of Beauty project for the Tramlines Festival.

The screening will also include work by
People Like Us, 65daysofstatic, Akira Rabelais, Christ, Ron Wright,Third Angel and Richard Bolam.


Host 9 : Otherliness


Neil Webb has contributed a new track, 'Far Beneath in the Abysmal Sea' for the audio exhibition and CD Host 9: Otherliness.

Other contributors are Francisco Lopez, Carl von Weiler, Lesley Guy, Esther Johnson, Ron Wright, Oberphones, Rose Butler,
Tim Lambert, Michael Cousin, Michael Day, David Morin, Miguel Santos, Christopher Hall & Alexander Kelly, Katie Davies,
Helen Blejerman, Matt Butt and Richard Sides.

A CD is available for �5 from Host. Click here to order.

‘Otherliness' will be presented as a looped playback at the Vane Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne as part of The Late Shows on the 16th May 2009 7pm - 11pm.

Neil Webb,
Lesley Guy and Matt Butt will be talking about Otherliness and other Host Projects at Vane on Friday 15th 8pm -9pm.
HAG approached a selection of cross-disciplined makers to create an audio piece of around 3 minutes on the theme of 'Otherliness'. The concept is, by its very nature, open-ended so we anticipated a variety of responses to the brief utilizing a range of processes and techniques including field recordings, composition from samples, experimental and musically driven work. All of the pieces offer a different perspective on this difficult and often intimate subject.

 Many of HAG's projects have used alternative spaces and venues to present their projects with a sense of intervention or neutrality. Breaking away from formal exhibiting spaces has opened up new possibilities for creativity and allowed audiences to explore art experiences outside of the conventional gallery space. 'Otherliness' seeks to create a sense of difference while acknowledging sameness. The Other cannot exist without something to be other than. It exists in opposition, often born from the thing it negates. In some sense the white gallery space can be seen as familiar and the work be considered ‘otherly’ or alien to this environment. A sense of displacement overcomes the uniformity of the blank space; while distortions of familiar sounds focus us back in on the minutiae of our experience.  There may be some comfort or consolation in this detachment, this sense of being out of time, as the work presented clearly demonstrates.

The Stars In Us All Special Edit

A special 5 minute edit of The Stars In Us All has been added to the Sound page.

Adrift sound files

There are now audio samples of Adrift available in the Sound section.

Adrift, a new commission for Art Sheffield 08 Yes No Other Options

Neil Webb has been commissioned by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum to produce a new sound installation, 'Adrift' in Sheffield's Winter Gardens.


Yes, No & Other Options
16 February - 30 March 2008

City-wide Contemporary Art Event

+ Symposium 28 & 29 February


Contemporary art festival ART SHEFFIELD 08: Yes, No & Other Options takes place from 16 February - 30 March 2008 in venues across the city including Bloc, End Gallery, Millennium Galleries, S1 Artspace, Site Gallery, Yorkshire ArtSpace, Sylvester Space, The Winter Garden and the public realm.

Taking as its foundation a specially commissioned text by art critic Jan Verwoert, this city-wide exhibition addresses the fact that in a post-industrial condition, one particularly pertinent to Sheffield, we have entered into a service culture where we no longer just work, we perform in a perpetual mode of ‘I Can’. (Even advertising tells us that ‘Life gets more exciting when you say yes’).

Verwoert asks, “What would it mean to put up resistance against a social order in which high performance and performance-related evaluation has become a growing demand, if not a norm? What would it mean to resist the need to perform?” He suggests that certain means of resisting are in themselves creative - that as well as embracing exuberant performativity, art has also used the ‘ I Can’t’, by creating moments where the flow of action is interrupted, established meanings are suspended and alternative ways to act become imaginable. He suggests that as well as yes and no, there may be other options.

A mix of both emerging and established Sheffield-based, nationally and internationally-based artists were selected for
ART SHEFFIELD 08 as their work was felt to have a close relationship to this contextual text. In a range of media, from site specific to painting, sculpture and video, the pieces examine the issues raised by Verwoert.

Artists include Tomma Abts, Michal Budny, Phil Collins, Andrew Cooke, Kerstin Kartscher, Silke Otto Knapp, J�lius Koller, Jiri Kovanda, Ruth Legg, Hilary Lloyd, Deimantas Narkevicius, Ines Schaber, Sean Snyder, Frances Stark, Mladen Stilinovic, Esther Stocker, Nasrin Tabatabai, Wolfgang Tillmans, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Gitte Villesen, Eveline Van Den Berg, Ryszard Wasko, Nicole Wermers and Xu Tan.

For the event there will be new commissions from Katie Davies, Annika Eriksson, Tim Etchells, Vlatka Horvat, Host Artist's Group, Janice Kerbel, George Henry Longly, Roman Ondak, Kirsten Pieroth, Paul Rooney, Dexter Sinister, Esther Stocker, Neil Webb, Katy Woods and Kan Xuan.

Symposium - Thursday 28th & Friday 29th February
Speakers: Jan Verwoert, Nikolaus Hirsch, Deimantas Narkevicius, Babak Afrassiabi, Irit Rogoff, Jennifer Johns, Annika Eriksson, Nasrin Tabatabai, Stephen Beddoe & Russell Martin, Jeanine Griffin & Katy Woods, Cylena Simonds. Chaired by Jan Verwoert & Becky Shaw.

Tickets: See
http://www.artsheffield.org for details

ART SHEFFIELD 08 is the fourth city-wide event organised by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum (SCAF) and is co-curated by Berlin-based critic and art historian Jan Verwoert & SCAF. For further information please see http://www.artsheffield.org
The project is funded by Arts Council England Yorkshire, Yorkshire, The Henry Moore Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Goethe Institut.

PO Box 3754, Sheffield, S1 9AH


The Stars in Us All Review in January A-N Magazine


Neil Webb, ‘The Stars in Us All’, backlit aluminium panels with surface-exciting speakers, each panel 2x1m, 2007.
Photo: Christiane Thalmann.

Bloc, Sheffield
3-18 November
The simple power of a bold and pure vision. In Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Oddysey’ the monolith encountered by Dave Bowman has become a classic of contemporary iconography – a symbol for what we do not and may never know. It places us on a threshold of awe and wonder.

In the latest of a prolific series of installations Neil Webb invites us to take this as a starting point. He uses resynthesised versions of Bowman’s final transmission (“My God, it’s full of stars”) to deliver a striking example of spatial aesthetics which considers the interrelationship of objects within given dimensions. The aim is to encourage reflection and the inner quiet espoused by authors like Paul Wilson in ‘The Quiet’, and feed the imagination so vital to David Lynch in his treatise on transcendental meditation ‘Catching the Big Fish’.

The first point that strikes the visitor is the unconventional symmetry. Webb has worked his design to suit the space. Three large glossy black aluminium panels dominate the walls and a wooden resonating bench, which gives the feel of a sanctuary or a chapel rather than a gallery.

This is definitely a strange, imposing but ultimately uplifting experience. The steel black panels framed in a thin glowing band of neon blue-white light initially offer us nothing, standing resolute, unscrupulous – daring us to gaze at them as our eyes adjust to the light and the portal-like reflections in the panels, whereby our imagination may look into or pass through. The overall experience is one of looking outward rather than inward. We soon begin to realise that it is the panels that are alive – transmitting the sound by vibration.

Objects are sonified. The panels shape the tone of the sound, giving a metallic alien sheen to the human sound elements – voices in choral form stroke the walls with spaced intervals like controlled breathing, while a heartbeat gently throbs inside the bench.

Although his approach is musical, Webb is not a typical sound artist. He is approaching work where sound is part of a total artistic vision and a transmitter of ideas. Here he is dealing with the spaces in between places, words, thoughts and actions – the territory between inertia and activity where energy forms.

Immediately on leaving the gallery I received a text from a close friend telling me that his father, after a prolonged struggle, had finally passed on. This is what we all must come to. As I dip my head against the biting cold I can only hope that, as he stood on the threshold, all he saw was stars.
Ron Wright is a sound practitioner in film and art, and is Senior Lecturer in Sound at Sheffield Hallam University, Northern Media School.

71 Eyre Lane, SHEFFIELD, UK
S1 4RB
0114 2723155
First published:
a-n Magazine January 2008
� Writer(s), artists, photographers and AN: The Artists Information Company
All rights reserved.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Neil Webb and Ron Wright will be showing a new audio-visual work titled The Breach.


A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

An exhibition at Consortium, Amsterdam.

Curated by Pieter Hensen.

Opening Sat. 08 December, 20 hrs.

Until Sun. Dec. 29 2007. Friday, Saturday, Sunday 14-18 hrs.
New works by:

Neil Webb and Ron Wright

Andy Eccleston and Ron Wright
Mathew Harrison
Ping Pong
Live performance by Ron Wright 

‘A Little Bit Goes A Long Way’ zooms in into the field where ‘sound’ meets ‘the visual’. Both aspects are considered equally important.
‘A Little Bit…’ will be Consortium’s last project series to take place in the current exhibition space. From 2008 on Consortium will go nomadic.
Parts 2 (exhibition) and 3 (an evening programme at the Lloyd Hotel) of this series will take place in December 2007, and will feature contributions by Chris Watson, Touch, Ron Wright, Andy Eccleston, Neil Webb, Matthew Harrison a.o., including several unique live performances.

For more information about the exhibition and the gallery programme see:


Contact: Pieter Hensen, gallery director at:
conso@xs4all.nl  or +31(0)6 26118950.
Consortium Gallery visiting address: Veemkade 570, 1019 BL Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Neil Webb Artists Talk Thursday 15th November 6pm

You are invited to Bloc this Thursday 15 November at 6pm for a talk by artist Neil Webb about his current exhibition, The Stars in Us All.

Image courtesy of Christiane Thalmann (C) 2007 

Entrance to the gallery is free
Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm

Bloc Space (gallery), 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB
Bloc Projects (office), 4 Sylvester Street, Sheffield S1 4RN - 0114 2723155
Further information about the exhibition space and artists at Bloc Studios can be found at www.blocprojects.co.uk

The Stars in us All reviewed in the Guardian Guide

The Stars in us All has been reviewed in the Guardian Guide by Robert Clark.


Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm
Private view: Friday 2 November 7-9pm
Artists Talk: Thursday 15 November 6pm

Katie Owens 07799 270777
BLOCspace (gallery), 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB
BLOCprojects (office), 5 Sylvester Street, Sheffield S1 4RN - 0114 2723155

Further information about the exhibition space and artists at Bloc Studios can be found at www.blocprojects.co.uk

The Stars in us All exhibition



Bloc Space
71 Eyre Lane
S1 4RE

0114 2723155

Press release

Neil Webb

The Stars In Us All

Artist Neil Webb presents an immersive sonic environment for his new exhibition The Stars In Us All at Bloc in Sheffield. Drawing influence from Brandon LaBelle’s Perspectives On Sound Art, as well as sonic artists William Basinski, Brian Eno and Thomas K�ner, Webb’s new work provides an absorbing space that invites contemplation and meditation.

The exhibition features a number of monoliths attached to the gallery walls, referencing the mysterious alien intelligence encountered in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the film, the Monolith transmits messages throughout deep space, communicating to different elements of itself. When astronaut Dave Bowman encounters the Monolith, his final transmission before entering the stargate is, “My God, it’s full of stars.” Bowman is eventually transformed by the intelligence into a timeless existence and born again as the ‘star child’. He later becomes a messenger between the Monolith and the human race.

Each component of the exhibition doubles as a source of unearthly sounds, using NXT surface-exciting speaker technology that allows objects to be transformed into speakers. A mixture of virtual classical instruments, Mellotron and field recordings of choirs, transmission signals and signal tones are emitted through multiple channels into the space, whilst a bench in the gallery also produces a low vibration, functioning as a sub-woofer. The use of this technology allows every element of the work, as well as the fabric of the gallery itself, to be connected through sound vibration. The glossy black surfaces of the monoliths themselves invite quiet, inward reflection, completing the work’s all-encompassing ambience.

A further influence cited by Webb is the theory of Quantum Holography, as championed by Apollo astronaut Ed Mitchell. The concept considers that the information of the whole exists in every constitutional part; that a tiny particle might contain all the information pertaining to everything that exists or has ever existed. Through his use of hypnotic sounds and minimal aesthetics the artist encourages the audience to transform into ‘star children’ themselves, and to connect with the universe beyond.


Entrance to the gallery is free


Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm
Private view: Friday 2 November 7-9pm
Artists Talk: Thursday 15 November 6pm

Katie Owens 07799 270777
BLOCspace (gallery), 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB
BLOCprojects (office), 5 Sylvester Street, Sheffield S1 4RN - 0114 2723155

Further information about the exhibition space and artists at Bloc Studios can be found at www.blocprojects.co.uk

'and and and' private view


Oisen present 'and and and' exhibition

Press Release

OISEN "and...and...and"

October 20th - October 26th 2007

Opening Friday 19th October 19:00 - 21:00

Sylvester Works

 Sylvester Street, Cultural Industries Quarter
Admission free


Amanda Lane,  Robert Lye, Simon Feydieu, Sarah Hughes, Neil Webb and Darren Flint.

"and...and...and" is an exhibition that takes Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's texts on social structures as a starting point to consider art, history and the social construction of places, spaces and identities from both a local and global perspective.
OISEN has invited a group of artists to develop a discourse between artist and viewer through the shifting identity of a city, and how one places themselves within it.
The exhibition uses the concepts from Deleuze and Guattari to inspire and inform the artworks, displayed in an exhibition space on the edge of Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter, a dilapidated 'island' in the heart of the city that reflects both the city's industrial past and regenerative aspirations.

Deleuze and Guattari argue that our social system is a schizophrenic system. Because it is interested only in the individual and their profit it must subvert or deterritorialize all territorial groupings and social arrangement, but at the same time, since humanity lives as a super-organism, it requires social distinctions in order to function. It must allow for reterritorializations, new social groupings, new forms and states. The life of any culture is always both collapsing and being restructured. The exhibition aspires to encourage the viewer to recognise their place and displacement within one of the largest forms of social organisation; to consider the city as a demonstration of human endeavour that has no discernable beginning or end, a huge body in a constant state of flux.

The artists will either exhibit a new work especially conceived for the exhibition or an existing work that fits with the questions raised by the their place and displacement within social constructs. The artworks encompass sculpture, installation, sound, film, photography and text based media.

Associated events: Chris Watson: lecture and performance, Mike Harding: 25 Years of TOUCH  August 1st 2007, Heeley Institute.

"and...and...and" is jointly curated by Sarah Hughes and Robert Lye.

Oisen are supported by the Arts Council England.


Spool Exibition at Consortium Amsterdam


Invisible Resonance installation,Pop exhibition 2005.

27th March 2006

Neil Webb will be showing in the exhibition Spool at the Consortium Gallery,Amsterdam. He will be screening the piece Tide Time and installing an installation called Invisible Resonance 2.The exhibition is guest curated by Carl von Weiler and includes the artists Tacita Dean,Imogen Stidworthy,Juan Cruz and Lucy Gibson.

The private view will be on the 8th April 8pm

Opening hours are:

Until Sunday 14th. May.

Friday - Saturday - Sunday 14.00 - 18.00.

CLOSED ON Sunday 16th.(Easter Sunday)and Sunday 30 th. April (Queens'Day in the Netherlands).

Consortium Gallery
Veemkade 570
1019BL Amsterdam

bocman will be playing live at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam on the 7th April at 9pm.There will be a talk by Carl von Weiler and an informal discussion about sound by artists.

For further information :