The Contingency of Curation Conference at Tate Britain


Neil has been invited with Ron Wright to contribute to the Contingency of Curation project at Tate Britian. They will be presenting a new live surround sound work called 'A Colony Provides a Safe Haven'.


Conference at Tate Britain – Clore Auditorium
Friday 21 May 2010
10.00- 18.00

Or visit the Tate Britain Website

Contributors Include:

Andrea Phillips, Roman Vasseur
Susan Hiller
JJ Charlesworth
Sound Threshold (Daniela Cascella and Lucia Farinati)
Simon Hollington and Kypros Kyrianou
Ron Wright
Neil Webb

Despite the diversity of processes that make up the curatorial, its explicit presence in artistic culture, and its power to organise the reception and distribution of art, curation nevertheless seems to struggle to transform the conditions within which it operates.
This conference invites responses from a range of disciplines to address the contingency of curation and its consequences for culture and society.

The Contingency of Curation, curated by MA curatorial students from Chelsea College of Art and Design, The University of Essex and Sheffield Hallam University, takes up three primary figures of the curator as the framework for the days’ discussion. These include: ‘the autonomous curator and the institution’; ‘collaboration and authorship’ and, the curator as ‘the agent of social change’.
Speaking in a range of presentation formats, the conference moves across the terrains of art production, urban planning, art criticism, and arts’ reception, addressing the notion of the curator and the curatorial in its now, most pluralised form.
We seek responses and reactions as to how an understanding of these contingencies of curation demand, but may also create new modes of production for curatorial practice.