Host 9 : Otherliness


Neil Webb has contributed a new track, 'Far Beneath in the Abysmal Sea' for the audio exhibition and CD Host 9: Otherliness.

Other contributors are Francisco Lopez, Carl von Weiler, Lesley Guy, Esther Johnson, Ron Wright, Oberphones, Rose Butler,
Tim Lambert, Michael Cousin, Michael Day, David Morin, Miguel Santos, Christopher Hall & Alexander Kelly, Katie Davies,
Helen Blejerman, Matt Butt and Richard Sides.

A CD is available for 5 from Host. Click here to order.

‘Otherliness' will be presented as a looped playback at the Vane Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne as part of The Late Shows on the 16th May 2009 7pm - 11pm.

Neil Webb,
Lesley Guy and Matt Butt will be talking about Otherliness and other Host Projects at Vane on Friday 15th 8pm -9pm.
HAG approached a selection of cross-disciplined makers to create an audio piece of around 3 minutes on the theme of 'Otherliness'. The concept is, by its very nature, open-ended so we anticipated a variety of responses to the brief utilizing a range of processes and techniques including field recordings, composition from samples, experimental and musically driven work. All of the pieces offer a different perspective on this difficult and often intimate subject.

 Many of HAG's projects have used alternative spaces and venues to present their projects with a sense of intervention or neutrality. Breaking away from formal exhibiting spaces has opened up new possibilities for creativity and allowed audiences to explore art experiences outside of the conventional gallery space. 'Otherliness' seeks to create a sense of difference while acknowledging sameness. The Other cannot exist without something to be other than. It exists in opposition, often born from the thing it negates. In some sense the white gallery space can be seen as familiar and the work be considered ‘otherly’ or alien to this environment. A sense of displacement overcomes the uniformity of the blank space; while distortions of familiar sounds focus us back in on the minutiae of our experience.  There may be some comfort or consolation in this detachment, this sense of being out of time, as the work presented clearly demonstrates.