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The Model is an iconic track by an iconic band. In Kraftwerk's cannon of sublime work it is the only three and a half minute pop song that they have created. Other pop songs in their catalogue such as Tour De France, Computer Love, Trans Europe Express, Autobahn and The Robots clock in at much longer lengths in time and were heavily edited on single releases for the radio.
Kraftwerk are famous for being still especially Florian Schneider in their live performances. The Robots charge their batteries before they are programmed what to do, and the stationary Showroom Dummies start to move before going to the local club. This was one of the main influences for this piece. The Model in the video is taken from the original promo clip for The Model. At full speed she glides into action and reveals herself in a matter of seconds. In this version she slowly reveals herself, somewhere between moving image and still life portraiture. Examining the model in the video in this longer duration she reveals different characteristics to an otherwise familiar fleeting appearance.
In a Kraftwerkesque move the model sways between motion and static, never quite being released from her shackles.
The sound is a granular generated piece created from a few notes of the original track. It takes a perfectly composed electronic pop track and dissolves it into a lengthier hypnotic track that lures us into the gaze of the model. As Ralf Hutter would sing, "She is looking good, I want to meet her again".

Neil Webb & David Morin